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Teaching Autism Inclusion to All Children and Parents

Brittany Parra is a Children's Book author who is fresh on the scene and ready to impact the world with her Bright and Silly Books! But the Cayden John Dinosaur series is much more than well designed pages and awesome dinosaurs. These stories are for all children, but especially those on the Autism Spectrum.

What seems like a light hearted story about responding when your Mom calls for you is actually a real tool to help the communication in her household. See, she has a 5 year old who is on the autism spectrum, and a 3 year old who is not. They communicate very differently, but what do they have in common? Dinosaurs and their love for books. When the first book was written, Brittany tried it out at bedtime, reading from the notes section on her phone. She felt overwhelming relief when the kids actually listened! The next day they were repeating lines and implementing the strategies taught in the book. And more so, they had a new understanding of each other.

Cayden John is a boy who is on the autism spectrum. Even though he is high functioning, he still has trouble with things like responding when his name is called, sitting in his chair, controlling his emotions, being overwhelmed, making eye contact, grinding his teeth/biting his nails.... But isn't it interesting that at one point in time, all children need these life lessons as well?

Along with writing more Cayden John Dinosaur books, Brittany is also working to release a 2 week long elementary school curriculum based on inclusivity. It will aim to educate all children and teachers on Autism, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and more! Education is key when combating things like bullying and exclusion. This will also discuss ways to include and assist their peers in the classroom and their siblings at home.

Visit to learn more about the Cayden Dinosaur book series. Every purchase made from the shop will go toward future books, dedicated to educating children about the spectrum. You can also reach out to her and schedule a book reading or school assembly for your students on her contact page.

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