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Hi there! It's Me, Brittany Parra. 

If my book series The Adventures of Cayden John Dinosaur brought you here, Welcome! I wear many hats, one being a children's book author! Keep reading and you will learn about the many other hats I wear and projects I invest in!


What is Brittany Parra Design? I am a freelance creative consultant, designer and personal assistant. I design websites with the WIX platform. I can either use stock images or sublet brand photography to ensure that your site best resembles your business or brand. I design logos, merchandise and marketing materials. I have also worked with parents, preschools, churches and other facilities to design sensory furniture for classrooms, bedrooms and nurseries. I have also designed business spaces to meet the needs of the community and grow traffic and sales. 

Who do you work with? - Submit an inquiry detailing your project and I will schedule a consultation to make sure your project and my brain are a good match! The wonderful thing about freelance is I get to choose the projects that I can align with and dedicate my time and creativity to. Once we create a path for your project, I will draw up a contract and get to work! Another pro to this approach is that I love what I do. So I will only commit to your project if I catch your vision and really feel I can enhance your project and help build your dream.

Image by Joe Woods

How much do you charge for your services? It depends on the nature of your project. Projects that require layouts and revisions and input are usually billed by the hour. This can include website builds, marketing portfolios, business portfolios, etc. Other projects such as physical builds, merchandise creation, and consulting jobs are often billed in one lump sum amount. If multiple elements are requested, packages can be built to save money and time. Again, all job contracts will include a price agreement before any job is started. All job elements are negotiable and specifics such as time frames, prices and customer expectations will be written into the contract. I remain transparent and keep open communication from the start to completion of your project. 

Why Brittany Parra Designs and not a professional design firm? - I am SO glad you asked. 1. I am creative and am fueled by a creative challenge. I am a problem solver with experience and I know I can enhance your business. 2. My husband is a pilot which means that I am 'flying-solo' most of the time.. (I know, I'm sorry...). We have 2 amazing children, a 4 year old sassy-pants and a 6 year old dinosaur. One child requires me to be on call 24/7 so having a typical 9-5 desk job is not in the cards for me. So I work from home doing design. I LOVE to create. I LOVE to fix and do. I LOVE creating fun visuals. I just want to do what I love. And I would LOVE to make your vision a reality!

Image by Joe Woods

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